Giancarlo Albano 2/17/18 ENGL 300
Synthesis and Summary Report One

SUMMARY In the third chapter of What Writing Does and How It Does It Ellen Barton discusses the idea of discourse analysis, listing and explaining a number of theories and methods for the process. One of these is the method of critical discourse analysis, which is a process that “draws from various social theories to analyze the complex interactions of language and ideology in various contexts (van Dijk, 1998).” (61). Further down the page, she adds to the idea, stating “Critical discourse analysis also draws data from many domains by examining language in the news and in bureaucratic settings such as parliamentary debates and official reports (van Dijk, 1991, 1993; Wodak & van Dijk 2000).” (61). Critical discourse analysis is a more applied style of discourse analysis, which focuses on larger social practices and critical social issues, such as power relations, racism, sexism, etc, and how they play out in society.…

"This I Believe" Proposal

I believe that through maintaining diversity in the cast of works of creative writing, it is possible to help create a more accepting environment for these groups of people in our society. Giving them representation in this and other types of media can aid in normalizing the idea of them being at the forefront of something such as a best-selling novel, a renowned film, or a highly-rated video game. My belief is that young and upcoming writers should work towards maintaining a diverse cast of characters in their works, and avoid some of the more typical and cliché character setups (young white woman meets a young white man, they fall in love despite a personal difference, etc) in their work. I believe that through doing so, we can make the world of media more welcoming to those that fall within minority groups.